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Certified Family Dog Mediator - Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Relationship - Communication - Trust

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Positive Training for Pets and Their People

There is a difference.  Good dog training starts with getting to know your dog.  Once you better understand what your dog is communicating through their body language and behavior, it offers you the opportunity to understand how the world looks from their perspective.   

The relationship you build with your dog can be strengthened or weakened by your communication.  The relationship should reflect a cooperative partnership and have a reinforcing history. Communication should be clear and constructive, building on your dog's confidence and ability to succeed.

Trust is the most important aspect.  A dog that trusts you and your intentions will eagerly participate with you.  When your dog feels safe, it opens the door for learning.  Let's find your dog's strengths and build an eager, willing response to your cues.

Beautiful happy family is having fun wit
Black Dog

Private Lessons

Personalized and Professional

Private lessons are available for individual attention.  This is a great option if you have scheduling conflicts with class opportunities, your dog is not quite ready for a group setting or you prefer to work from the comfort of your own home.  These sessions are tailored to meet your family and dog's specific needs.

Behavior Consulting
NOTE: Currently only taking clients for CPDT-KA, not taking new clients looking for a CBCC-KA.  Please feel free to email us and we will refer you to a qualified professional.

Assessment and Management Planning

In cases where there is aggression or anxiety, we may review your history, assist you with safety planning and refer you to a veterinary behaviorist.

Group Classes

Each class is 6 weeks, meeting for 1 hour each week. Class sizes are small, 4-8 dogs depending on location.  Small class sizes result in less stress and more personalized attention for you and your dog.

Puppy Kindergarten


Obedience Level 1 & 2


About Us

Compassionate & Humane 

As Certified Professional Dog Trainers and Certified Family Dog Mediators, we are dedicated to you building a fun and trusting relationship with your dog.  We have a true passion for this field and strive to be the most effective in what we do by continuing our education, obtaining competitive certifications and being members of professional organizations.
Our goal is to give you effective tools to help you enjoy the company of your dog.


Meet Holly - Owner and Lead Trainer


Certified Family Dog Mediator

Holly is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer as well as a Certified Family Dog Mediator. Her compassion for animals and desire to assist the humans on the other end of the leash are evident. She very much enjoys and continues to pursue education in the science of dog training by attending classes and seminars, and looks forward to passing that knowledge on to her clients. Holly loves watching the relationship between dogs and their owners grow as she introduces the positive training techniques Unleashed has to offer. She finds it incredibly fulfilling when both the owners and their dogs have fun training and learn how to effectively communicate with each other.

Holly has two dogs of her own, both Weimaraners named Izzy and Benny, and a cat named Bazinga. In her free time she loves spending time with her fur family and of course her husband too;)

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Meet Jen - Trainer  


B.S. Animal Science, emphasis on companion animals.

CPDT-KA and Certified Family Dog Mediator

Jen has a B.S. in Animal Science with an emphasis in companion animals from the University of Minnesota. She began her training journey with an internship with a service dog organization, caring for & working with the dogs in final training. She has since been the lead puppy trainer at a dog daycare & boarding facility. Jen is a certified Pet Care Provider with the International Boarding and Pet Services Association. She also is a CPDT-KA and Certified Family Dog Mediator. She loves assisting dogs and their owners with creating enjoyable and successful partnerships. Jen also provides Dog Walking services in the St. Paul area. She has a Mini American Shepherd mix named Bucky that she enjoys going on adventures with. 


Jen with her buddy Bucky.

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