Training Philosophy

Our methods are based on the science of behavior modification.  All of our trainers attend workshops, seminars and other continuing education opportunities to stay current.  Our goal is to give you effective tools to enjoy the company of your dog.  

There is a difference.  Good dog training starts with getting to know your dog.  Once you better understand what your dog is communicating through their body language and behavior, it offers you the opportunity to understand how the world looks from their perspective.    

The relationship you build with your dog can be strengthened or weakened by your communication.  The relationship should reflect a cooperative partnership and have a reinforcing history.  How you teach a lesson is more important than the lesson itself. Communication should be clear and constructive, building on your dog's confidence and ability to succeed. 

Trust is the most important aspect.  A dog that trusts you and your intentions, will eagerly participate with you.  When your dog feels safe, it opens the door for learning.  Let us help you find your dog's strengths and building an eager, willing response to your cues.


We offer 2 options of 6-week courses: Obed Level 1 and Obed Level 2. Small class sizes - 6-8 dogs.


Private Lessons

These in home sessions range from facilitating a great start with a new puppy to assisting behavioral concerns. 

Specialty Classes

These range from Leash Handling and Heeling, Recall, Mat Training, Tricks and more!