Training Philosophy

Our methods are based on the science of behavior modification and we strive to stay current with the latest findings in training.  Our goal is to give you effective tools to help you enjoy the company of your dog. For dogs to repeat desirable behaviors they must be rewarded, whether it is with food, toys or attention - dogs require a reinforcement to continue the behaviors we deem desirable. Conversely, it is equally important our dogs are not inadvertently rewarded for undesirable behaviors but instead receive no reward. 

There is a difference.  Good dog training is not about control.  It is about building an eager willing response to your cues through motivation.  Your relationship should reflect a cooperative partnership of mutual understanding.

The relationship you build with your dog can be strengthened or weakened by your communication.  How you teach a lesson is more important than the lesson itself. Communication should be clear and constructive, building on your dog's confidence and ability to succeed in any given circumstance. 

Trust is the most important aspect of good dog training.  A dog that trusts you and your intentions, will eagerly participate with you.  It is our goal to assist you in getting the most out of your relationship with your dog.  


We offer a variety of 6-week courses: Level 1, Level 2 and a prep class for the AKC CGC title. Small class sizes - 6-8 dogs.


Private Lessons

These in home sessions range from facilitating a great start with a new puppy to assisting your dog with feeling of fear, anxiety and aggression. 

Specialty Classes

These range from Leash Handling and Heeling, Recall, Agility, Tricks and more!