"I can't believe how much better my dog makes eye contact now.  I can even get him to heel right past barking, jumping, excited dogs with a loose leash."



"We met Christi through Chanhassen Vet and then she did a couple of home visits to help with some unwanted behaviors and questions about puppy training. She is so knowledgeable and it was clear she understood our dog and dog behavior in general. She reassured us when I had some worries and she was right that he was going to be a good dog and wanted to please:) We also have enjoyed a sampler agility class and plan on taking more classes this Spring and Summer. The class sizes are small, which is so beneficial."



"Jenn was great and her knowledge has already led to huge behavior changes within 36 hours."



"Thanks to Elizabeth for her expert instructing!"



"My dog was so responsive to their method of training! The trainers are so friendly and knowledgeable!"



"Christi is amazing.  I trusted her with a special, delicate situation.  You should too."



"Jennifer is always open to new ideas and willing to go that extra step to help meet a client’s needs whatever that may be. She is creative in her approaches and presents her ideas thoughtfully. She brings a wealth of information to each session and truly has a passion for the work she is doing, not only for the dogs but for the families she works with."

Greg and Lisa


"Christi's training classes and advice are great. She offers very practical tips and really knows what she's doing."