Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for individual attention to maximize your dog's education. These sessions are tailored to meet you and your dog's specific needs. The need varies from establishing good habits with your new puppy or recently adopted dog to focusing on behavioral issues.  The cost for private work varies depending on your need.  These sessions may take place in your home, a training location or via Skype, depending on what may be best for you and your dog. You will be paired with the trainer most qualified to meet your needs.  See Private Lessons page for further details.

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Puppy Kindergarten

A fun, safe and educational experience for both you and your new puppy! Together you will learn how to safely socialize your puppy to new people, places, things and activities from a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. We will cover all topics PUPPY to include chewing, biting/mouthing, jumping, handling, appropriate play, crate training, potty training and more. Your puppy will be safely exposed to novel experiences such an agility tunnel, a vacuum cleaner, feeding games and controlled play with other puppies. This is an ongoing class so someone new is always joining. This is a 6 – session class, meeting for 1 hour, each week and we rotate the topic.  Cost is $125/puppy.  

Unleashed is proud to partner with Paws and Pals Premier Pet Resort in Prior Lake.   Call to ask about Puppy Play School with Jenn at 952-447-3644 for details and registration. All healthy puppies 16 weeks and under at the start of class are welcome. You must have proof of initial vaccinations to include Bordetella.  


Each class is 6 weeks, meeting for 1 hour each week. Class sizes are small, 4-8 dogs depending on location, which means less stress and more personalized attention for you and your dog.  All ages of dogs are welcome.  Cost is $135/dog.  

Level 1 Obedience and Behavior                        

We will cover all of the basic obedience behaviors you should get in any class; sit, down, stay, come and heel. We'll also teach your dog to stand on cue. A great deal of time also will be spent on house and social manners. We'll address jumping up, barking, stealing inappropriate items and any other behavior causing problems.  No dogs the first week.

Level 2 Obedience and Behavior

We will continue improving your skills on the basic obedience behaviors by adding distance, distraction, and duration.  This class will extend your skills and build confidence.

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Specialty Classes

Each mini class meets for 1 hour each week for 3 weeks.  Stay tuned for new classes being added on the group class registration page!  Cost is $70/dog.

Loose Leash Walking
We will go over the importance of proper leash handling and assist you with a more enjoyable walk for both you and your dog. 

It is what we all want, a great recall! This class will give you the skills to get there. This is a fun class and we conceal "come" as a game so your dog is eager and willing to give you that recall.

This class will includes puzzle toy mania and yummy edible variety.  We will help you understand that enrichment is not a luxury but a necessity!  You'll get ideas on how to keep your dog mentally stimulated...and eventually exhausted by using their brain. 

What tricks does your dog already know? Bring your ideas to class and show off. We can all learn from each other. If you need new tricks in your bag, we can offer some fun ones. Fetch, back-up, spin, play dead, shake, and so much more!

Mat Training & Relaxation Protocol   In this class, we will start the process of teaching our dogs how to relax (yes, this has to be taught).  We will utilize both mat training and Dr. Karen Overall's Relaxation Protocol.                                                        

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