Puppy Kindergarten - Belle Plaine

Puppy Kindergarten - Belle Plaine

Sun, October 27, 20197:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Puppy Kindergarten - class is limited to puppies 16 weeks of age or under at the start of class.  Limited for 6 dogs per class!

What to expect: A fun, safe and educational experience for both you and your new puppy! Together you will learn how to safely socialize your puppy to new people, places, sounds and activities. We will cover all topics PUPPY to include chewing, biting/mouthing, jumping, handling, appropriate play, crate training, potty training and more. Your puppy will be safely exposed to new experiences such an agility tunnel, a vacuum cleaner, food enrichment games and controlled play with other puppies. 

What to bring: High value treats (think small, smelly, and soft) for use in training your puppy and keeping their attention on you during class. Bring a regular 6- foot leash (no retractable leashes) and have your dog on a regular flat collar, harness or gentle leader (pinch, choke or e-collars are not permitted in class). Well-behaved children are welcome so bring the family. Come with your questions! Don’t forget to bring waste bags to pick up after your puppy.

Be sure your puppy is in good health before each class and that you have supplied us with the most up to date vaccination records.

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