Unleashed Behavior And Training Services
Purely Positive Training For Pets and Their People

Some of the most common concerns I hear from dog owners have to do with how to stop their dog from doing something they don't like. There are plenty of dog behaviors that are not desirable; barking, chewing on things they shouldn't have, biting. But the question that we should be asking is not 'how do I get them to stop that?'. It's 'what should they be doing instead?'.

My methods are positive and based on the science of Behavior Modification. The focus should be on getting our dogs to want to work for us. How can we motivate them? What do they want? And how can we make our communication with them clear and concise? Nothing in training should break down your relationship with your dog. Remember why you got a dog in the first place. You want a companion, a friend, a member of the family. Everything you do in training should build on that relationship. Unleashed's program are designed with that goal in mind.

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