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    Check out this article: Choosing A Dog Owners Other Best Friend: A Dog Trainer

    A great article about using caution when choosing a trainer to work with you and your dog. What to look for and what to avoid.     Read More...

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    Temperment Testing for Puppies

    If there is one thing that you, the potential dog owner, could do to increase your odds of getting a dog that's right for your family, it's temperament testing. Yet, very few people are aware that this is possible, let alone actually doing it. Certainly, research in any form is a good idea.   Read More...

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    Agilty at Heart

    Agility has much to offer. There are many articles about how the sport can build confidence in a shy dog, form a better bond between human and dog, and the countless techniques for training each of the obstacles. There are obvious benefits for our dogs, so what about benefits for us?   Read More...

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    To Dog Park or Not to Dog Park?

    That is the question I am asked in every class.  That the question even has to be asked is somewhat comforting.  Dog owners everywhere seem to have an inherent mistrust of the idea that a bunch of dogs they don't know will be racing around untethered by leash or human.  Can they be trusted? The consensus among dog trainers is surprising. While most will tell their clients to proceed with caution, most professionals will not take their dogs to off leash parks.  The reasons are...  Read More...

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